Emporiblog - New Series

  Hello all!  As you can tell from the title, we are starting yet another series. I am going to call this one Places of Interest.  I got the above photo from Adobe online, although we have visited this beautiful place in person. This is just one of the sites we will cover. I aim to start local, after all, there are plenty of sites in Cornwall, but we will include some of the bigger and well known sites. I am personally drawn to the Nazcar lines in Peru, so that will be one that will be covered, and, if we can get through the many myths, places such as Atlantis.... Maybe..... I think, in order to make it either slightly easier, or slightly more complicated depending on your point of view, that there will be sub-categories: Wells Stone works Ancient Settlement Burial Chamber Battleground Haunted Site Mythological Place Ancient Civilisation There may well be more as we go along! Places/cultures we would like to cover include: Stonehenge Nazcar lines Atlantis Aztec, Incan, Mayan Standing S

Shadow Work - Checking in...

  Hi guys, Just a quick one today to see how you are all doing with your shadow work. In our earlier post on  Shadow work  we stressed that this work was NOT for everyone, and that you had to be ready for it. Well, did anyone start to undertake shadow work, or did you realise that you had been doing some without knowing what it was? The next big question for me to ask you is do you have support? Emotional support from friends and family can be crucial to success in this endeavour. If their treatment of you is dismissive or actually emotionally hurtful, you need to find a different support network. Checking in.... In order to find out if your network is actually supportive, checking in is key.  Check in with your thoughts and feelings when you are with certain people - ideally one at a time until you get used to doing this, otherwise you will quickly get overwhelmed - if you feel like they lift you up, make you feel better, happier etc., then they stay in your life for now.  If, however

Deity Series - Identifying your deity

  Identifying your deity. So, how do you find your deity?  I know that Cat has already started  Deity Work , but I thought that I might be able to dive a little deeper, as I do work with several deities, one of whom has presented themselves to me just this year. I will get to my deities a little later on in this post. One of the easiest ways is to read through a list of deities, and see which jumps out at you. Of course, if you are looking at something like Egyptian, be prepared that there are hundreds of deities, over many different generations/dynasties!! Perhaps it would work if you look at the things that you truly like in life, and find a God or Goddess that represents that thing. For example, I love cats, so Bast [Egyptian} is a natural choice. If you like horses, perhaps consider Epona [Roman]? Another way to seek one out, is to identify an area of your life or personality that you feel needs work, and find a deity that can help you enhance this. Do you want wisdom, perhaps cons

Flora Friday - Red Hot Poker

Hello and welcome to my first flora Friday. This will probably have a different layout to the ones that Cat has done, and I can only apologise if this jars because of this. The above flower is just up the road from me and has the colloquial name of Red Hot Poker. Also called: Torch Lily, Kniphofia, (I couldn't say this one!!) It was first described as a Genus in 1794 and is native to Africa. The spiritual properties of this flower include: Enhancing your knowledge of self; Knowledge of inner teachings; Knowledge of inner teachings; Stepping away from your physical body. There are no known medicinal uses of this flower, it is also not known if there is anything harmful about this plant. Please DO NOT go out and find out. There is nothing about this flower nor it's family in Victorian Flower Language, either. As always, please consult a medical professional before adding anything into your health and wellbeing. If I have left anything out, or got it wrong, please let me know in t

Emporiblog - August Full Moon 2022

Hello all!! We have a Full Moon post for you today! This month's Full Moon will be in Aquarius and will be the last super Moon of the year!! In the UK, it will be full at 1.36 am on the 12th of August 2022. This is also called the Sturgeon Moon. This name comes from the Algonquin Native American tribe's calendar when there are huge numbers of this fish to be caught in North American lakes at this time. Other names that this full moon has been given are: - Black Cherries Moon - Corn Moon - Flying up Moon - Harvest Moon  - Mountain Shadows Moon - Ricing Moon As this is the final super moon of the year, it means that all of the usual attributes are amplified from a magickal point of view. Things can get taken to extremes. Full moons are used to rule and boost most kinds of magic, but are especially used for: - manifesting,  - b anishing,  - protection and  - psychic abilities. From a scientific point of view it is the phenomenon whereby the moon is closest to the Earth


Hi, As you all probably know by now, Cat is talking a break to attend to some family matters, so I will be taking over the blog in her absence. Cat has already told you a little about me, but I thought I'd introduce myself in my first blog post, and we can go from there. First, the mundane stuff. I work full time in hospitality, have two children of my own, both more or less adults now, and Joe, the man I call my husband, has twins, so I say I have four kids. I also have a bachelor's degree. I also have four cats and we have done a video introducing them before that available on a couple of viewing platforms. In my not so mundane life, well, I have multiple qualifications. I am a Mindfulness leader, Reiki master (both Usui and Ogham), an herbalist and a crystal healer. I am also a qualified teacher, so can teach any of the above. I am currently writing about my shadow work, when I can fit it in, so watch this space. I am an avid collector of books and crystals, and have many of

Tarot Tuesday - Manifestation Spread

Hello all!! Today's Tarot Tuesday is a Manifestation Spread!! If you're stuck with Manifestation, this Spread will help you out! This is quite a big one and may be a bit much for beginners but it doesn't hurt to try! This Spread is based on a spread from The layout is as follows 👇🏻👇🏻 Card 1 - Shows the main energy/energies that are flowing through you in regards to reaching your goal  Card 2 - Card 2 shows the challenges those energies face Card 3 - 3 will show the main energies for planning your manifestation Card 4 - This card will show you what to do Card 5 - This card will show you what not to do  Card 6 - Number 6 will show you what energies you need to set things in motion  Card 7 - Another what to do Card 8 - Another what not to do  Card 9 - Card 9 shows possible outside forces or divine intervention so to speak  Card 10 - Will show you what you will need to master in regards to your manifestation  Card 11 - The final card wi