Emporiblog - How To Bypass Protections

Hello all!! In today's post, I will be teaching you how to bypass protections, wards, boundaries and the like and how to counter the bypass if this isn't justified!

DISCLAIMER: This is mostly for Return To Sender (RTS) Spells and those who can Curse/Hex/Jinx. Only do this if you are truly JUSTIFIED! Do not do this for no reason or just for "fun", that's not Witchcraft.

If someone sends negativity your way and it is NOT justified, a simple RTS should do the trick. Or so you think.... For an RTS or something Baneful for a truly deserving person to actually work, it needs to get to them and, chances are, they may have a few road blocks. This post will tell you how to get around those roadblocks to deliver what is truly justified.

Tip 1 - Physically Cross The Barrier

Only do this if you have rightful access, do not trespass or break and enter!

Create a Spell or charm that is something physical e.g Spell bag/jar or a poppet (more on those later..) and place and activate it within the home. A Ward cannot protect against something physical that is already in the house.

If someone has done this to you, remove the item from your home  immediately, thoroughly cleanse your house and yourself

Tip 2 - Willful Acceptance

If someone willfully accepts something into their home in the guise of a gift or parcel, there isn't much they can do. The package itself can be a normal package but you can Hex/Curse the package. Get them to sign for it as an extra touch!

If you know someone is going to do this to you, cleanse every delivery thoroughly

Tip 3 - The 2 Pronged Attack

This will work better with a Coven or with a group of you. One part of the contingent focuses on taking down and/or distracting the Wards while the other contingent sends the RTS or Hex/Curse

If you think this is being done to you, fight back in the same way. One contingent protects the Wards and the other protects you/your home. You don't have to have a group, Deity and Entity work will come in handy here

Tip 4 - Break Stuff

Find a breakable object (clay, glass etc) and turn that object into a physical representation of someone's Wards. This isn't something you can do overnight: this connection needs to be strengthened and nurtured over a minimum of several days. Before you send your Spell, break the proxy

If you think someone has done this to you, create a new and strong Ward. The new Ward will not be bound to the proxy

Tip 5 - Something Sticky This Way Comes

There is every chance that a person has an automatic RTS Ward. To get around this, bind the Spell to something sticky like glue, chewing gum, cement etc. This should stop the Spell from being returned

If you think someone has done this to you, a RTS won't work and you need to physically break the Spell. You can use tip 4 for this or use your own method of breaking

Tip 6 - Take Them Over

It is possible for you to take control of a Ward or place a barrier around said Ward. By doing this, you take control of what can and cannot enter a person's space

If you think someone has done this, thoroughly cleanse your space. If you know which specific Ward is compromised, get rid of it and make a newer, stronger one

Tip 7 - Silent Night...

It is possible for a Ward to be activated by sounds so, the best way to get around this is to do a none verbal Spell and don't use any sound in the Spell

To get around this, have a variety of Wards 

Tip 8 - Be Specific

Instead of going for a massive target, go for a specific aspect of a persons life e.g they can never remember where they put their keys, they always get caught by a red light, little annoying things like that. By the time the person figures this out, some damage will have already been done

Getting around this will be tedious and hard work, you will need a Ward to protect every aspect of your life, your job, your car, relationships etc 

I think we'll leave this here! If I find any more methods I will do a part 2! We also have separate posts on Return To Senders if you fancy some further reading, just search for return to sender in the search bar! We also have separate posts on Protection and Warding!


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