Emporiblog - Correcting Misinformation

Hello all! Today's post is kind of a serious one.

Looking back through some of our previous posts, I have realised that some of the information that I gave is in fact, incorrect! This post will hopefully set the record straight.

The previous posts will still stand to serve as a reminder to always cross-reference and research thoroughly to avoid the mistakes that I made.

Correction 1 

ROSEMARY IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR ANY HERB! Rosemary can only be substituted for herbs that it shares properties with. And, while we're here:

- Rose cannot be substituted for any flower. Only the ones it shares properties with

- Frankincense and Copal cannot be substituted for any incense/oil/gum resin. Only the ones that they share properties with

- Tobacco cannot be substituted for any poisonous herbs. Only the ones that it shares properties with

- Clear Quartz cannot be used as a substitute for any Crystal. Only the ones that it shares properties with

As far as I know, White candles can still be used in place of any coloured candle

Correction 2


When creating a Spell or some sort of Magick work, intention is still a part of it but, your ingredients and tools have to correspond with your intention to boost it. Everything has properties and associations for a reason

Correction 3

In previous posts, I have listed White Sage and Palo Santo as herbs that can be freely used by all. This is NOT the case. White Sage and Palo Santo are CLOSED herbs and cannot be used outside of their respective Indigenous communities

Correction 4

I have also listed Smudging as a method of cleansing and protection but, Smudging is in fact a sacred part of Indigenous culture and cannot be used by those out of the communities.

Smoke Cleansing is still available for all

I think that is all of the corrections that I needed to do, if I have missed any, please let me know!

I will now list some things that are also closed to specific practices so you can avoid cultural appropriation:

- Honey Jars. Honey jars are part of the closed Hoodoo practice. Just to be clear, jars that once contained honey but have been cleaned and repurposed can be used and honey can still be used as an ingredient

- Coyote Bones. The practice of Osteomancy involves Divination with Bones. Coyote Bones can only be used if you are from the Americas as the Coyote is only found in the Americas

- Certain aspects of Folk Magick. Every part of the world has some variation of Folk Magick and while some parts of it are open to all, some parts aren't. For example, Saining is part of Scottish Folk Magick and is an alternative to Smudging but, there is a very specific ritual and very specific ingredients are used, most of which naturally come from Scotland. Certain practices are closed as well e.g Slavic Witchcraft and are only able to be practiced by certain peoples (we do have a series on this but it's always better to research and respectfully ask practitioners

- Dream catchers. Yes, dream catchers can be seen as cultural appropriation. If you have bought your dream catcher/s from actual Indigenous peoples, you should be ok

I think we'll leave this here! If there is anything you'd like adding to the list please let me know!


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