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Hello all!! Today's post is about Poppets!!

DISCLAIMER: A Poppet is NOT a Voodoo doll, Voodoo is a closed practice so a Poppet is an open alternative!

I have mentioned Poppets in a few previous posts so today, we're going to learn about them!!

What is a Poppet?

A Poppet is a Magickal tool that can be made out of fabric, wood, clay/mud and wax that is used as a physical representation of someone. The word Poppet is actually an older spellings of the word puppet and, as such, a Poppet usually resembles a doll shape. If you're not the crafty type, the shape of the Poppet doesn't really matter as long as the ingredients match your intention and the Poppet has a vague shape 

What can I used Poppets for?

Poppets can be used for both benevolent and malevolent purposes (which is why this has a Baneful tag) so we'll look at each category individually...


- Healing/Self healing
- Protection
- Happiness
- Confidence 
- Luck
- Positive actions in general 


- Hexes
- Jinxes
- Curses
- Breaking down protection
- Causing misery and chaos in general 

What do I do with a Poppet?

Here is a step by step for Poppet creation:

1 - What is the purpose of your Poppet? Once your Poppet has a purpose, you can gather your ingredients

2 - Begin creating your Poppet. Decide what material to make your Poppet out of. Draw and cut out templates if using fabric or begin shaping if using clay/wax. If using fabric, do not sew all the way around as you will need to stuff your Poppet. If using clay/wax work quickly to assemble your Poppet

3 - Stuff/Fill your Poppet. This can be done in several different ways depending on what method and material you are using, for example:


If you are sewing your Poppet together (e.g a felt Poppet), leave a space to put your ingredients in. Once they're in, sew up the hole


So, for this one get the bottom layer of your Poppet done first. Then put your ingredients on top of that layer. Finally put a second layer on top that covers your ingredients. Depending on what material you're using, you may need to work fast before the material sets


If you're making your Poppet out of wood or by tying sticks together, you can't really fill it so to speak. You can place it in a bag with your ingredients or you can sprinkle ingredients around and on it and do a ritual in that fashion. If you're feeling crafty, you can wrap your stick Poppet in twine but tie the ingredients to the sticks with the twine (this would require more patience than I could ever have!) 


If you're using wool, straw or the like, put your ingredients in a little bag and build your Poppet around the bag

Depending on what you use, you can also draw or carve Sigils into or onto your Poppet. 

If said Poppet is for Baneful purposes and pins and needles are involved, I would recommend a soft material Poppet as they would be easier to insert pins and needles in to. If you want to use clay or wax, work quickly because once that stuff is dry, it'll be difficult to pierce. 

I think we'll leave this here!! I hope you enjoyed this post!


C )0(


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