Flora Friday - Alpine Delphinium

Hello all!! Today's Flora Friday is Alpine Delphinium!!

Alpine Delphinium (Delphinium Elatum) is a vertically flowering plant, surprisingly, from the Buttercup family Ranunculaceae. Other names include: 

- Larkspur
- Alpine Larkspur 
- Candle Delphinium
- Candle Larkspur
- Bee Larkspur
- Delphinium Excalibur
- Delphinium 

Where To Find

Alpine Delphinium is native to the temperate regions of Asia and Europe and likes sunny areas and rich soil. This plant often has to be supported or the flowers heads may collapsed 

Edible Parts

THIS PLANT IS TOXIC! DO NOT CONSUME AND KEEP AWAY FROM ANIMALS!! If accidentally ingested, get to a hospital!

And by toxic I mean can cause paralysis, severe illness and, in some cases, death!

Medical Uses

As this plant is toxic I cannot, in good faith, list any medical uses 

Magickal Uses

I cannot find anything for Alpine Delphinium specifically but Larkspur, in general, can be used for:

- Representing the element of Water
- The planet Venus
- Protection
- Honouring the dead, specifically fallen Heroes
- Keeping ghosts away
- Keeping out unfriendly spirits 
- Health (ironically)

It is also a birth flower of July and is associated with Ajax, hero of the Trojan war

As this plant is toxic, handle with care and keep out of reach of children and animals!

Victorian Flower Language

I cannot find anything for Alpine Delphinium specifically but Larkspur in general means purity of heart, levity and gaiety.

This blog is for educational purposes only, please consult your doctor and experts before trying home remedies!!

This will be my last Flora Friday for the foreseeable future!! I have truly enjoyed this series and can say that it was easily my favourite!

I have a few posts planned before the handover so we'll see if I can get them done!


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