Tarot Tuesday - Two of Wands

Hello all!! Today's Tarot Tuesday is the Two of Wands!!

The Two of Wands is associated with the element of Fire and the planet Mars.

Pictured above...

The purpose of this section is to help you with your own interpretations.

In the card pictured above, we can see see a skeleton holding some sort of ball with crystals inside. There are 2 large Wands, ne either side of the skeleton. The one on the left is slightly taller and has 2 leaves on it and the one on the right is slightly shorter and has one leaf at the top and one leaf at the bottom. There are 4 prominent stars. One is next to the left wand near the top, the biggest and second biggest are next to the skeletons head on the right and the last is above the left collar bone.


The Two of Wands shows that you are ready to leave your comfort zone and take a risk or 2. However, there is a little snag. You can't just jump into this and go in all guns blazing, you need to plan and plan as best you can. Iron out the wrinkles and prepare for as much as possible! When you have sufficiently planned, you can begin to take the first step into leaving your comfort zone. Decisions will need to be made that will be quite important, which leads us back to planning. Weigh up all the pros and cons before you reach a fair and informed decision and give your answers.

Reversed Meaning

A reversed Two of Wands shows that you are deliberately avoiding risks that could benefit you. You are not taking the action that you need to and are playing it safe, too safe. You are overanalyzing and this is causing bad planning on your part. All of these things are keeping you in your own little bubble: you're firmly entrenched in your safe zone and it is harming you and your options. To move forward, you need to calm down and look back over your plans, figure out what is stopping you from moving forward and take steps accordingly. I know that coming out of your comfort zone is terrifying but by staying in said zone, you will never move forward.


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I hope you've enjoyed this post!! We'll do a Spread next week!


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