Elements Series - Air Symbols

 Hi Guys,

I have decided to resurrect our Symbols Series to complete our Air elements week.

I know that I haven't covered the symbols of the other elements, so I will do a post tying them all up together after next week's Spirit week.

There is more than one symbol, of course!

The most common one that we think of is the Alchemical symbol of a triangle with a horizontal line near the top, as seen below.

This represents life-giving force and is usually associated with the colours of blue and white.
It is the Earth symbol inverted.

Aristotle stated that Air represented wetness and heat.

Hippocrates associated Air with blood.

This symbol was first introduced by Chinese Taoist Lao Tzu, who described Air as being able to transform anything into something else - without a physical change taking place! 

It is also said to adorn many Books of Shadows or Grimoires, as it is strongly connected to spell work.

In magicks, it is said to represent joy, and impulse for change and flexibility.

The symbol itself can be placed on an altar if unable to use incense or feathers for allergy reasons etc.

Air is used in Feng Shui, which literally means 'wind-water', although does not use this symbol.

(Picture Credit: tumblr)

The above is another recognised symbol for Air. I feel that this is very similar to the ancient Treskelion found in many Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Age sites throughout Europe. 

 I hope you have found this post useful.

Kerenza x



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