My Ghost Stories - Part 1

 Hi Guys,

As we are in spirit week this week, I thought I would tell you of some of the times that I have encountered spirits.

As you can tell from the 'part 1' above, there are a few! This series may get more instalments closer to Hallowe'en....

So, I'm going to start at the beginning.

The first time that I remember seeing a spirit, I was eight years old. 

We still lived in the cottage at this point, we moved when I was nearly ten, and my parents are still in that house today.

I was aware of death at this point in my life, but not of what came after.

I was not scared of the spirit that came to see me, for it was my Gran - great-grandmother to be precise.

She came to see me on the day of her funeral.

I was able to tell mum that she looked very pretty in the dress she was wearing. Bear in mind that I hadn't seen her for a while before she died, as she wasn't at home, nor did I see her body, or go to the funeral. My parents decided that I was too young for that.

Anyway, Gran came and sat on my bed, asked about school, if I liked my new brother, and that she was happy where she was, she said she had the right family around her now. She was also younger than I remember her, but I did not see that as a strange thing. 

I could have dismissed this as a dream (still a valid visitation, by the way!), except for one thing:

When I actually sat up in bed, there was the item that Gran had been playing with on the foot of my bed. It was a little plastic black shire horse figurine that she had given me a while back. This little horse usually sat on my bookshelf, which was at the other side of the room.

This horse is still with me today. Every time I see it, I do think of Gran.

Of course, Mum said that I was dreaming, but deep down, I knew that I wasn't.

I guess that that is where my obsession with all things strange and unusual began.

I apologise for the little detail that there is in this recall, but it was best part of forty years ago now, and much has happened since.

I hope you have enjoyed this little trip down memory lane, there is more to come, but beware! It gets much darker from here on in.

Kerenza x



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