Happy Hallowe'en!

 Hi Guys,

Apologies for no posts over the weekend, life got busy!

Just a quick one today to wish you all a Happy Hallowe'en, Blessed Samhain, Blessed Allantide, Happy New Year! However and whatever it is that you celebrate today, we wish you a good one.

Today is about honouring your ancestors, and yourself too, as you are a product of them all!

It is also Joe's and my anniversary, so we are celebrating in our own way.

So, today, be respectful of others who do not wish to celebrate, kids who may have allergies or sensory processing issues, and KEEP YOUR PETS SAFE!! Especially your black kitties, keep them safe indoors!

So, have an awesome Hallowe'en, stay safe, and be good! Less tricks, more treats!!

See you on the other side!!


Kerenza x


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