All Saint's and All Soul's


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Looking at the names of various days of the year at the moment, as we have just had Hallowe'en, or All Hallow's Eve.

The 1st November, yesterday, was All Saint's Day, or All Hallow's Day, and today, the 2nd November is All Soul's Day.

These are, of course, Christian and Catholic celebrations, mainly recognised in the Western regions.

All Saint's Day

This was a day set aside to honour those who have been martyred and Canonised in the Christain church, whether they are known or unknown. It is observed by both Western and Eastern churches with Western churches celebrating on the 1st of November and Eastern churches celebrating on the Sunday after Pentecost (the 7th Sunday after Easter.)
All Saint's is also called:

- All Hallows' Day
- Hallowmas
- Feast of All Saints
- Feast of All Hallows
- Solemnity of All Saints 

There is some debate as to whether this day was seemingly hijacked by the Christain faith to replace Samhain, although Professor Ronald Hutton, a lovely man I have had the honour of meeting, (Let me stop you there Kerenza as I've never met him and I am taking over the post!)


The customs of All Saint's vary from place to place but here are some customs:

- Church services
- Offering prayers for the dead
- Visiting cemeteries/resting places
- Godfathers giving their godchildren Allerheiligenstriezel (braided pastry, Austria and Bavaria
- Placing flowers on graves, specifically Chrysanthemums

All Soul's Day 

All Soul's Day is another Christian/Catholic celebration that takes place on the 2nd of November after All Saint's Day. All Soul's is t commemorate those who are trapped in Purgatory and to offer indulgences to them, so that their suffering might be reduced. All Soul's Day is also called:

- Feast of All Souls
- Defuncts' Day
- Day of Remembrance
- Commemoration of all those faithfully departed


Some customs of All Soul's Day include:

- Offering prayers
- Visiting cemeteries
- Placing offerings on graves/cleaning graves 
- Making food and pastries specific to the person's region
- Reuniting with family 

I think we'll leave that there! Next year we will be covering Día de los Muertos


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