Emporiblog - November New Moon 2022

Hello all!! We've had our run on Eclipses and are returning to regular lunar content!!

This months New Moon is in Sagittarius ♐ with a lingering hint of Scorpio. This is your sign to take a chance and awaken your passion, vitality and, most importantly, your excitement. It will also give you the boost you need to shake off the Mars retrograde! Things will appear clearly but rather bluntly during this time so be prepared.

As well as Mars being in retrograde, we also have:

- Jupiter (ends today)
- Neptune
- Uranus

(My retrograde app is finally working again, yay!)


Here are some Crystals to work with during this New Moon:

- Moonstone
- Selenite
- Bloodstone
- Jade
- Dioptase
- Amethyst
- Charoite
- Malachite
- Citrine
- Agate
- Clear Quartz
- Lapis Lazuli
- Obsidian

If you're drawn to any other Crystals during this time, use those too!!


Below are some herbs/flowers for this New Moon:

- Eucalyptus
- Rose
- Geranium
- Thistle
- Carnation
- Thyme
- Clary Sage/Sage
- Basil
- Saffron
- Dandelion
- Peonies
- Rosemary
- Borage
- Chervil

If you have a common household pet, please check our pet safety posts!!

I hope you've enjoyed this post! Apologies for the lack of blogs but there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes. It will be a while before normal service resumes so please bare with us! I have never missed a moon so I was determined to post today.


C )0(


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