Emporiblog - December Full Moon 2022

Hello all!! Our semi hiatus continues but the Emporiblog has never missed a Moon yet!

This full moon brings understanding and will open up the way to the future. This will allow you to adjust your goals and help with your manifestations. You may notice some changes starting to happen around this time: don't ignore them! Pay attention to your intuition and to your dreams, don't fight against the creative process of the universe. Use this moon to harness that process and make it your own!


Here are some crystals to work with during this full moon:

- Moonstone
- Selenite
- Moss Agate
- Clear Quartz
- Topaz 
- Tourmaline
- Diamond 
- Blue Calcite
- Blue Lace Agate 

If you're drawn to any other crystals during this time, use those too!


Below are some herbs/flowers for this full moon:

- Marjoram
- Lily-Of-The-Valley
- Lavender
- Chrysanthemum
- Dill 
- Orchid
- Parsley
- Lilac
- Anise
- Azaleas

If you have a common household pet, please check our pet safety posts!


Here are a few colours for the full moon:

- Blue
- White
- Orange
- Yellow 

I hope you've enjoyed this post! Regular posting will return in the future but, untill then, keep your eye out for our occasional postings!


C )0(


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