Emporiblog - January New Moon 2023

Hello all! We're back with a New Moon post!

Our first New Moon of the year is in Aquarius ♒ (withva hint of Capricorn ♑) and is a good time to set the precidence for the life you wish to lead. It is also a good time for you to work on your inner self and what energy you are sending out into the world. Use this time to fine tune your energy so that you can attract what you want and what you need.

Currently in retrograde, we have:

- Mercury (post shadow)
- Uranus 


Here are some Crystals to work with during this New Moon:

- Moonstone
- Garnet
- Selenite
- Azurite
- Rhodochrosite
- Blue Topaz
- Chrysocolla
- Amethyst
- Hematite
- Moldavite
- Aquamarine

If you are drawn to any other Crystals during this time, use those too!!


Below are some Flowers and Herbs for this New Moon (if you don't have the actual plant, the corresponding incense/oil will be fine):

- Valerian
- Orchid
- Violet
- Rosemary
- Jack-in-the-pulpit
- Fennel
- Goldenrod
- Comfrey
- Gladiolus

If you have pets, please check our Pet Safety tag to check if any of the herbs/flowers listed above are poisonous to your pet as well as the corresponding essential oils!!

I hope you've enjoyed this post! We haven't missed a Moon yet so we will be keeping up with those! Keep your eyes open, just incase we surprise you!

C )0(


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