Emporiblog - February New Moon 2023

Hello all! We're keeping up with our moon posts with February's New Moon!

This New Moon is in Pisces ♓ with a tiny hint of Aquarius ♒ lingering. Pisces is an emotional sign but also an intuitive one so, as long as you can seperate your emotions and listen to your gut, you can use this New Moon to reflect and cement your goals. New Moons are a great time to start anew but a New Moon is Pisces is the best time to let go of things that no longer serve you!

Currently in retrograde, we have:

Nothing, according to my app but there are probably other astrological events occurring so bare that in mind!


Here are some Crystals to work with during this New Moon:

- Moonstone
- Aquamarine
- Chrysocolla
- Obsidian
- Jade
- Green Adventurine
- Apache Tear
- Lapis Lazuli
- Labradorite
- Selenite

If you're drawn to any other crystals during this time, use those too!


Below are some Flowers and Herbs for this New Moon (if you don't have the actual plant, the corresponding incense/oil will be fine):

- Water Lilies
- Basil
- Poppies
- Lemon Balm
- Lilac
- Borage
- Clematis
- Sage
- Orchids
- Mint
- Lavender
- Chamomile

If you have pets, please check our PET SAFETY post to check if any of the herbs/flowers listed above are poisonous to your pet as well as the corresponding essential oils!!

I hope you've enjoyed this post! I've had a look at what we've got in our drafts to post and I might be able to work with some of it so stay tuned!

C )0(


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