Emporiblog - March New Moon 2023

Hello all! We're back with another moon so let's see what this celestial event has in store for us!

This New Moon is in Aries ♈ and is the best time to start and launch new projects and finish old ones. It is also the best opportunity to manifest as this moon will carry forward positivity and success. This is also a Moon for refection and rethinking commitments. Do not be afraid to say no to things that no longer suit you. The energy from Ostara will also still be lingering.

There is currently nothing in retrograde (according to my app) but other astrological events are probably occuring!


Here are some Crystals for the New Moon:

- Moonstone
- Rhodochrosite
- Citrine
- Adventurine
- Lepidolite
- Topaz (Blue)
- Carnelian
- Diamond
- Ruby
- Aquamarine
- Hematite
- Bloodstone


Below are some Flowers and Herbs for this New Moon (if you don't have the actual plant, the corresponding incense/oil will be fine):

- Geraniums
- Basil
- Thistle
- Chervil
- Honeysuckle
- Wormwood
- Tiger Lillies
- Nettles
- Bryony

If you have pets, please check our PET SAFETY tag to check if any of the herbs/flowers listed above are poisonous to your pet as well as the corresponding essential oils!!

I hope you've enjoyed this post! I am not sure what next month will hold, post wise, so keep an eye out!

C )0(


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