Emporiblog - April New Moon 2023

Hello all!! We're going into our second consecutive Aries ♈ New Moon, so let's see what's in store for us!

As well as being our second Aries New Moon, this moon will also coincide with a solar eclipse as well as the preshadow of Mercury! There will be a lot of chaos flying around here but, you can use that to your advantage. This is an ideal time to manifest, however, you need to be 100% certain and focused on your goals, whether it be goals for the week or for the next year, you need to be sure and ready.

Currently in retrograde we have:

- The dreaded Mercury! The preshadow ends tomorrow and the proper retrograde begins!


Here are some Crystals for the New Moon:

- Moonstone
- Rhodochrosite
- Citrine
- Adventurine
- Lepidolite
- Topaz (Blue)
- Carnelian
- Diamond
- Ruby
- Aquamarine
- Hematite
- Bloodstone


Below are some Flowers and Herbs for this New Moon (if you don't have the actual plant, the corresponding incense/oil will be fine):

- Geraniums
- Basil
- Thistle
- Chervil
- Honeysuckle
- Wormwood
- Tiger Lillies
- Nettles
- Bryony

If you have pets, please check our PET SAFETY tag to check if any of the herbs/flowers listed above are poisonous to your pet as well as the corresponding essential oils!!

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