Emporiblog - May New Moon 2023

Hello all! We're back with a New Moon!

This New Moon is in Taurus ♉ and this moon is a good time to develop understanding, specifically, understanding your basic needs. This moon will bring you what you need to develop that understanding and help you become more one with yourself in all aspects. Apparently, Jupiter will also be turning into Taurus, along with the moon!

Currently in retrograde, we have:

- Mercury (post shadow)
- Pluto 


Here are some Crystals to work with during this Full Moon:

- Moonstone
- Rose Quartz
- Rhodonite
- Hematite 
- Kunzite
- Selenite
- Smokey Quartz
- Fluorite
- Obsidian 
- Citrine
- Black Tourmaline
- Larvakite
- Lepidolite
- Lapis Lazuli
- Emerald
- Topaz
- Tiger's Eye

If you're drawn to any other Crystals during this time, use those too!


Below are some herbs/flowers for this Full Moon:

- Patchouli
- Mint/Peppermint
- Thyme
- Elderberry
- Jasmine
- Honeysuckle
- Primrose
- Sage
- Ylang Ylang
- Cypress

If you have pets, please check our PET SAFETY posts!

I hope you've enjoyed this post! In our next one, we will be exploring the differencees between Cemetery Dirt and Graveyard Dirt!

C )0(


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