Emporiblog - September New Moon 2023

Hello all! Let's see what this moon has in store for us!

This New Moon is in Virgo ♍ and will be the time to embrace change. You will have to welcome the chaos that comes with change but, do not fear the chaos as you will need its energy to lead to the transformations that you need. Once you have embraced and accepted these changes, you can begin to work with the conclusions. It may look like failure at times but failure is often the cause of breakthroughs 

Currently in retrograde, we have:

- Mercury
- Saturn 
- Jupiter
- Pluto
- Neptune
- Uranus 


Here are some Crystals to work with during this New Moon:

- Moonstone 
- Lapis Lazuli
- Jade 
- Amazonite
- Carnelian
- Sapphire
- Amethyst
- Citrine
- Quartz 
- Sodalite
- Selenite
- Turquoise

If you're drawn to any other Crystals during this time, use those too!


Below are some herbs/flowers for this New Moon: 

- Mint
- Buttercup 
- Chamomile 
- Narcissus 
- Thyme
- Asters 
- Lavender 
- Chrysanthemum 
- Fennel
- Cherry Blossom 
- Marjoram

If you have a common household pet, please check our PET SAFETY posts!

I hope you've enjoyed this post! Use this energy to propel yourself forward!

C )0(


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