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Hello all!!

We are coming back with a bang (not necessarily to regular posting but to some kind of posting) and we are diving into the wonderful ingredient of War Water!


Now that's out of the way, let's have a quick look at what War Water is...

What is War Water?

War Water is water that is created for a specific purpose like other waters, such as:

- Moon Water 

But War Water is not to be used lightly. It will pack a punch and is very volatile (even more so depending on what you put into it). 

Believe it or not, War Water actually comes from American witchcraft traditions (particularly Southern) but it is NOT closed as it does not belong to practices like Hoodoo, it mostly stems from European folk magick influences. Folk magick itself may be closed to specific peoples so some specific recipes for War Water may include closed ingredients so do your research first!

War Water is sometimes called Mars Water. Mars and War Water are both the same and not at the same time so I would research both seperately and see which resonates best with you.

How to make War Water

War Water recipes tend to be specific to an area and/or family but for a basic recipe you will need:

- A jar of your choosing (preferably of decent size with a screw lid)

- Water (1)

- Rusty Nails (2)

- Some kind of organic matter (Spanish Moss is traditional but use what you have around you!) (3)

1 - For the water, the more gross the better. Some examples:

- Polluted water
- Swamp water
- Pond water
- Dead flower water

You can also add in or use Storm Water and Eclipse Water. 

2 - Rusty nails are essential as they will give the water it's signature colour and the rusting of the nails will cause chemical reactions (more on that later)

3 - For your organic matter, use what you have on hand. Living or dead flowers/leaves are a good example (research the properties of the plants for extra points and potency) 

You will need to put your ingredients in a jar, give it a good shake or stir and put the lid on but DO NOT SEAL INDEFINITELY IT WILL EXPLODE! The chemicals from the rust and the decomposition will cause gas to build so you will need to burp or realease the gas to avoid a hazardous explosion!

Leave to sit but check regularly, at least once a month to avoid accidents. Burp in a well ventilated area because it will absolutely reek, depending on what you put in.

As you will have to keep opening the jar, you can add things as you go along. Some ideas:

- Poisonous things
- Dead bugs/insects
- Small bones (research the animal first)
- Broken glass
- Ash
- Cigarette butts
- Graveyard dirt
- Mirror shards (don't look at them)
- Barbed wire
- Anything sharp 
- Mouldy things/Mould
- Nasty things in general

Personal tip: if you really, really want to create chaos with this water, print out a picture of The Tower tarot card and put it in. If you really, really, really want absolute chaos, turn it upside down and put it in! The Tower is also associated with Mars (a War God) as an added bonus.

Tuesday is associated with Mars so I would recommend making it on a Tuesday or on a date significant to a war for some added gumption.

How do I use War Water?

CAREFULLY! The longer that water sits, the more toxic it will become so please handle with care. You can use War Water in two main ways, as follows:

1 - Keep it in a jar and add names/birthdays/pictures of your targets to it, give it a good shake from time to time and wait

2 - Add to spells for potancy and a glorious amount of chaos

What is War Water used for?

War Water can be used for the following:

- Protection
- Cursing
- Hexing
- Return to sender
- Baneful magick

Traditionally, you're supposed to let the jar ferment then break it on the pathway so that those that walk in it are cursed or on the doorstep or property of a specific target. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS. Trespassing is illegal and lots of innocent person could be hurt so this is a no no. Stick to the above section to avoid legal action and collateral damage.

You can, however, sprinkle War Water around your property as a protection method, be weary if there are animals in your area and try to just use the liquid.

I think we will leave this here! It was very nice to make a post again. Keep your eyes open for more!

C )0(


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